What is Torrent? How Torrent Works

Torrent or we can say BitTorrent is one most commonly used and most popular term for downloading different stuff across the world. It has made file sharing and downloading very simple and easy. Peer to peer protocol technology which has been used by Torrent to share information without any central server. The technology was invented by Bram Cohen in April 2001. In simple word, it means that you are not connected wit external server while sharing information but directly to the network you want to transfer the Data.

It becomes a sensation after few years of its launch because it was something new introduced to the world and now file sharing became easy as a cake walk. It is now becoming a very efficient and popular way to transfer any data between computers. Today the method is so common that anyone can use it without having any knowledge about computers.

Now I will share in details about the entire specification of Torrent, How it become so big, and it works. So stick around.


BitTorrent Working Model

How Does Torrent Work –

First of all, let me clear something, Torrent is an unofficial phrase used for BitTorrent. Bittorrent is a peer to peer protocol which works without the central server, in other words, not a server is responsible for sending you information, but you connect directly other available network members to get the data transferred.

Just after some years of its launching, it becomes so famous that many peoples started it to transfer the huge files between two computer, today it can be used without any limitation.

Indirectly, any electronic device like Smartphone, Laptop, PCetc becomes a Torrent member by loading a .torrent file into his BitTorrent client.

Succeeding to bringing in the customer associates the client with a tracker. The tracker is a unique composed server that assembles data about every single associated PC from the swarm, records accessible on their machines, IP addresses and so on. The fundamental part of the tracker is to permit the clients to interface with each other and to exchange twofold information starting with one machine then onto the next.

Once associated, any Bittorrent customer can download files from different individuals in small parts. After the file is downloaded partially, the customer begins to impart to different clients associated with a similar swarm. The primarily favourable position of Bittorrent is that clients impart as of now exchanged parts to others specifically amid downloading.

This innovation gives a one of the quickest methods for file spreading everywhere throughout the immense number of PCs. Along the sharing of these file increases the download speed in x times. In the event that 3,000 members download a similar content, it can take minutes to download gigabytes of information.

It’s notable that many users use torrent to downloaded piracy kind of stuff like movies, music, images and media etc. Because of its terrible impression, many internet power users started claiming that BitTorent was only developed to supports piracy and this technology should be declared as illegal and its should have been closed down. The main motto of the BitTorrent was to develop a framework that would have the capacity to handle boundless measure of data utilising the resources of customers’ PCs and not of a primary server.

There are over 170 million active users of BitTorrent, and it is responsible for 25% of all Internet traffic.


What is required to begin Torrenting-

Initially, there are two primary things needed to start downloading from BitTorrent/uTorrent, a torrent client and a torrent file. You can use any torrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent, Tixati, Deluge etc, all of them are free to use and you will need to download a torrent file from any authoritative site like KickAss Torrent, The Pirate Bay, Seedpeeretc, you will get torrent file related to any category on these torrent sites.

If you are using Torrent and haven’t connected to any VPN then you are inviting troubles, your ISP blocks are blocking users and sending notices to them, trust me this problem is getting worse and worse.


Ending the Article 

The debate of “Torrent is legal or illegal, is it good to use or not” is never going to end and we are encouraging any of our visitors about it, we have just the history and technology of BitTorrent.

It is one of the best-developed technology for humanity, but with great powers there come great responsibilities.

Guys, we will meet you in another interesting article till then have fun 🙂

So, hence was the post about history and the working model of Torrent aka BitTorrent. I hope you like the post and feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box. Don’t forget to share our post.

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