How to verify free blogspot blog on Google webmasters search console

You must be thinking is it necessary to verify free Blogspot blog on Google webmasters search console? My answer is, yes.  If you have just started your free Blogspot blog, it is suggested that you connect it with Google Webmasters Search Console so that you get insights of backlink profile, HTML Improvements, Search analytics, Index and crawl status etc.

Verifying free blog spot blog is very simple there are several ways to verify it. In this article, I have mentioned a very easy way to do it.

Steps to verify free Blogspot blog on Google webmasters search console

Login to your webmaster account using your Gmail account. 

You will have to create a new property

Click on add property as mentioned in the below image

Update your Blogspot URL. Make sure you update correct URL 

Next, you will get different methods to verify your webmaster account


The first method would be via HTML file upload

You will have to Upload an HTML file to your site.

As blog spot is a free hosting you cannot verify your blog using this method


Let’s jump to other easy alternate methods:

Another easy option would be verifying your free Blogspot blog with google search console is through HTML tag:

Click on HTML tag option, you will get verification code as mentioned in the below screenshot.

Copy the code and move to blogger dashboard

Click on theme and then edit HTML

Paste the HTML code below meta title and save theme. Make sure you don’t change any other code in this field.  Be very careful while copy pasting the code.


After the successful placement of the code, move to Google Search console webmasters page and click on verify. 

You will get a confirmation popup from Search console if the process is completed correctly.


That’s it!

You have successfully verified your ownership of your free Blogspot blog on Google webmasters search console.

Hope you found this article Useful.


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