Types of Computer viruses which can Harm Your Device

Types of Computer Viruses

What will you say, if asked about the most deadly virus that can affect human? You may mention as AIDS or others. But mention virus to a computer owner and he/she will be caught unawares. If you are not a computer programmer or engineer. The computer viruses have caused losses to the tune of a billion dollars. In this article, we will focus on types of computer viruses you should know to keep your info secure.


Computer Virus

Similar to viruses which affect humans, the computer virus also belong to many categories. They can also cause problems in many ways. So, in case your computer has got affected, you cannot put it in bed to give a dose of antibiotics. In any situation regarding any home appliance, prevention of virus is always better than cure. And when it comes to virus, a single infection can destroy your entire information of files and confidential data. For example, viruses can steal your confidential data, delete your files and can also spread to every device in the network.  In this article, you are going to get information about seven types of computer viruses.


  1. Boot Sector Virus

When it comes to usage of computers/laptops, you can term boot sector viruses as a dangerous infection among the types of computer viruses. They can infect the real records in the hard drive. You need a computer repair expert to get rid of them. Usually, they need a full system format. If the boot sector or the code has got damaged, then the computer repair service will take time. Their time was in the 1990s, you remember the floppy disks. You can still find some boot sector viruses on USB drives as well in email attachments.


  1. Direct Action Virus

This virus is considered as one of the major types of computer viruses (infector virus) when it comes to files. It does not reside in the computer, in other words, it neither installs nor remains in the memory of the computer. Let us see how it works. It can get attached to any file ( EXE or COM files). If someone activates the file, it gets back to the active mode. Then it starts looking for other similar files in your directory for spreading at a fast pace. In normal terms, the virus can never delete files nor will it hinder the performance of your system. Yes, you may get simple problems such as the files becoming inaccessible. But you can easily remove the Direct Action Virus with an anti-virus program.


  1. Resident Virus

We have already mentioned this type of computer viruses in the above paragraph. As the name suggests, they get installed on a computer. This virus is active, even when the infection original source has got eradicated. So, they are more dangerous when compared to their counterparts. Yes, you will find them more tricky to remove. You can divide the resident viruses into two types. Slow infectors and Fast infectors. Just have another look at the names. Fast infector viruses can cause damage in a quick manner. They can also get spotted with ease. Slow infectors, only a computer expert can spot them. The reason, you can get to notice their symptoms very slowly.


Do you want to hear the worst task, this virus can do? It can get attached to the anti-virus software. Now imagine the disaster. Every file the software scans can get infected. Usually, computer repair experts make use of an operating system patch for complete elimination.


  1. Multipartite Virus – Types of Computer Viruses

Agreed, there are types of computer viruses. They get spread in one way or the other. They can either get downloaded or get delivered. But look at the title. The multipartite virus will employ every method to spread itself. The spreading method may differ depending on the installation of the operating system. It may also depend on the files which are existing in the drive.


They can infect the easily accessible files as well the boot sector. So, they can spread in quick time. Because they use little time, it is also a tough task to eliminate them. Yes, you can clean the program files. But just imagine, if the virus is still existing, it can reproduce, once the computer is switched on.


  1. Polymorphic Virus

This is considered the most difficult types of computer viruses to get removed. In fact, computer virus experts term the polymorphic virus as the most difficult to remove. Even by the best anti-virus program. Sometimes, in case of a threat, even the anti-virus expert has to spend days/months to detect a polymorphic virus.

Antivirus software can detect one virus code. But a polymorphic virus can change the signature at every time of its reproduction. So, antivirus software will definitely term the virus as a normal program. So, it can safely bypass the software.


  1. Overwrite Virus

Doesn’t the name give you a shiver? Overwrite. So, this virus will be dangerous for your computer. So, it will first infect the file and then destroy its contents. So, there is no option for you but to delete the file. Please note, this virus can delete not only the individual files but even the software. They are not easily visible, and only a PC expert can identify them. They were famous in the last decade when the OS was mostly Windows 2000 and NT. But even in recent times, you can easily find them on a not-so-regular basis.


  1. Spacefiller Virus

They are known by another name – Cavity Viruses. They can outsmart the software. Usually, how do you define a virus? It gets attached to a file and then spread. In the case of space fillers, they can get into the empty space found within the files. So, the program or file gets infected but the code does not get damaged nor there is an increase in size. It can easily bypass the anti-detection technique. You get these types of computer viruses very rarely in your system.



If asked to choose between prevention or cure for either computer or your own health, you will pick up the former. Let us imagine, you are in Bangalore and the device has got a virus. Then do not worry. You can with ease hire an expert skilled in computer repair in Bangalore. You can download the app of the companies which provide doorstep repair service. Then scan the profiles, and book the best as per your convenience. You can fix the problem with ease with this method.

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