Top Best Snapchat Hack Tricks for Better experience

Snapchat has grown a lot since the past few months, and it has witnessed an enormous amount of user growth. But, really this app is not that simple as it looks. Even when this app was used first time by me, I thought it was such an easy-peasy app. But, trust me I was wrong. There are many Snapchat secret tricks which are buried deep inside the app which many of us don’t know about. So, today we will be introducing you guys to some amazing Snapchat account hacks, which will make your Snapchat experience more amazing.

1)  Save Your Data Using Travel Mode

So, does your mobile data get used up a lot while using Snapchat? If you are not an unlimited Wifi user and are using Snapchat in limited internet data packs, then you may be facing these type of problems. So, Snapchat has a hidden feature under its settings named “Travel Mode” using which your snaps and stories will not get any more loaded automatically. You will have to select to load your stories and snaps manually. So, to enable this feature, follow below steps-

1)      Open Snapchat

2)      As default disables the “Travel Mode,” you need to enable it manually.

3)      Select app’s Settings

4)      Now scroll to Additional Services and under that select Manage

5)      Now, you will see the option “Travel Mode” most probably under Filters, just enable the option and save your data.


2)  Have Live Video Chat In Snapchat

So, you are bored, and instead of just sending snaps, you want to start a live video chat on Snapchat? If yes, then there’s this best Snapchat secret trick, which you must check out. The person with whom you want to start a video chat must be online at the same time as you. So, once he/she is online, then you will see a glowing blue button. Instead of the yellow button, you will see the blue button. Now, both of you will have to hold the glowing blue button to start your live video chat. To end it, just drop your finger from the blue button.


3) Protect Your Snapchat Account Using Login Verification

So, you are worried about your Snapchat account. Yes, we all have seen leaks and hacks reports of this app also. In the internet world nothing is safe, so here we are going to tell you an awesome Snapchat secret trick using which you can save your snaps from hacks, leaks, etc. So, this login verification feature in Snapchat will help you when you are logging from new devices. So, to enable the login verification, just follow up the below steps.

  • Open Snapchat App.
  • Once you are in the app, go up to “Settings.”
  • Now, under Settings, click on “Login Verification.
  • Now, you will have two options for verification –
  1. i) SMS Verification – You will receive the verification codes on your entered mobile number.
  2. ii) Authentication App Verification – You can use this option if you are a frequent traveler, and your mobile number is not always present with you, or it keeps getting changed.


4) Save Your Friends Snaps Without Letting Them Know!

Snapchat is known for its 10 seconds snaps/stories. But, if we like some snap and we would like to save it on our device we can surely do it. But, there’s one problem with it.  If you do it, then your friend will also come to know about it. So, is there any way that we can save different snaps on our devices without letting our friends know? Yes, there is a Snapchat trick for this.  Just go ahead and search in Android Playstore or in iOS Apple Store for 3rd party apps. There you will find tons of apps which are designed to let you save snaps on Snapchat without letting your friends know that you did it! Isn’t it amazing?


5) Turn Your Videos Into Slow Motion, Fast Forward, Or Rewind It!

A few months back, Snapchat had added an amazing feature in its updates for videos. Using this Snapchat secret trick, you will be able to make your videos go in slow motion, fast forward, or you can also rewind it. Now, to perform this Snapchat hack trick, you don’t need any expertise, it’s similar to selecting filter, just follow below steps, and you will understand it –

  1. i) Open up the Snapchat app
  2. ii) Record your video

iii) So, once you have recorded your video, just use your finger to swipe sideways.

  1. iv) Now, as you are swiping sideways using your finger, you will find three different types of icons-

1) The Snail icon represents slow motion

2) The rabbit icon represents fast forward

3) The three left side facing arrow (Backward facing) represents rewind option.


6) Save your data on the go using Travel Mode

Snapchat has become a common usage app among various people. But, I have also experienced a lot of data issues and space problems on my device as many of the snaps/stories used to get downloaded automatically on the device. So, to get rid of this problem, Snapchat has a built-in feature located it’s in settings known as “Travel Mode.” This will prevent snaps/stories getting automatically downloaded and help you save your data. So, follow below steps to enable this amazing secret feature of Snapchat-

  1. i) Open up the Snapchat app
  2. ii) Now, click on ghost icon which you can find in the top middle as you open the app

iii) Now, you will find a gear type icon on top right corner, click on it.

  1. iv) You will now land on the Settings page, go to Additional Services
  2. v) Click Manage and enable the“Travel Mode.”

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