Top 10 Things you should know about iphone

When it comes to a smart phone everybody dreams to have one particular phone and that is Iphone. What makes iphone special can be explained by various perspectives like the look, style, usability, various features, and everything great about the phone is that the ownership gives an extra edge to your class or the lifestyle and affordability too in a way.

Now let us look at Top 10 Things you should know about iphone

  1. iphone is manufacture by Apple incorporation and has its origin in the United States of America.
  2. iphone has a virtual keypad and can also act as a camera and a music player! Its not just a phone but also a music player, video shooter and a phone as well, isn’t it an amazing product?
  3. iphone runs on its own operating system called IOS and first iphone was released in 2007
  4. On iphone one can share pictures, videos, can chat online, have video calls, conference calls, send and receive e mails, listen to music, and the list goes on…
  5. Iphone has the best connectivity
  6. Some of the online services one can avail on iphone are like itunes store, app store, icloud, ibooks, Apple music etc
  7. Iphone sound clarity is class in one of its kind and make the phone a very unique product
  8. Latest version of iphone is iphone 7 plus
  9. Iphone has a wonderful storage capacity and speed at which phone can be operated is just amazing. It works almost like a basic computer.
  10. Istore is a place where in one can download applications on the phone and enjoy running them pertaining to various requirements. Selecting an application is up to the customer and can download an app based on his or her own preferences and usability

People having an Iphone gets used to it so much that they would never like to go for an another phone even by chance. Now what makes somebody get so crazy about this phone? It is very simple to answer that the brand value it carries and the way phone performs.

When we look at person passing by we generally have a glance at what is the watch, dress they are wearing and how they put themselves up in general and based on this we generally draw a conclusion about that particular individual. But when we see a person passing by talking over phone and it happens an iphone then we generally don’t have a look at anything else and we just conclude he or she has a great taste. Isn’t it so…? I leave it to you.

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