Tips for Producing a Successful Corporate Video

Tips for Producing a Successful Corporate Video

A well-crafted corporate video can make a difference and make many people know what your company does, how it works, what its purpose is, etc.

This may seem easy, but the truth is that it is easier to say than to achieve it. Why do we say it? Well, because this type of material must go through a planning process and also has to contain certain important elements.

And guess what, in this post, we will explain everything that your corporate video should contain. Pay attention!


Essential elements in a corporate video


A story that shows the human side of the company

One of the most common problems in this type of videos is that many companies fall corporate egocentrism. That is, they concentrate on repeating several times that they are “leaders” of a sector or that their product is the “best” market and blah blah blah.

This is not necessary to generate empathy with the audience, it is enough to tell a coherent and modest story, showing the human side of the company.

For example, to make known if it is a family business, who make it up, when and why it was founded … Consumers love to know this kind of stories that touch the human fiber. You can take a look at this article with the 10 commandments to create perfect company videos if you want to have a clearer idea of what we are talking about.


A clear, short and precise message

Are we sincere? Without a clear, short and precise message, you will not be able to visualize your corporate video. For this and other reasons, you cannot ignore this important aspect.

In order to transmit a clear, short and precise message, you must first define what you want to communicate about your company and to what audience the video will be directed.

This type of audiovisual material always responds to three basic principles; what the company does, what is its objective and what makes it a unique and exclusive company. Sure, all this showing the human face of your business. Do not forget! Learn more about what aspects you need to know for a good corporate video, and answer all the necessary questions to create a clear, short and accurate message.


A company that differs from the competition cannot resemble other companies in any way. So be sure to show authentic and original content in your corporate video.

Copy the style of another company could cost you a lot because it will make you look like imitation and this says a lot of quality of a service or a product.


Great attractive level

It is possible that your corporate video is the most authentic, show the human part of the business and transmit a clear, short and concise message, but if it is boring do not expect good results.

And is that like any audiovisual material, the video presentation of a company should be attractive to arouse emotions in the viewer.

It is not about showing information and already, in this type of audiovisual you have to be able to produce sensations in order that the consumer remembers the company.


Good aesthetics

This is logical, to convey an exciting message is important to take care of the technical and narrative aspect of the video. That is, aesthetics.

So you must be very selective when choosing photographs, animations, graphics and colors to project a visually pleasing image. And not to mention that you have to choose between a formal and serious tone or a more emotional and humorous. The how to plan audiovisual content for your corporate video plays a crucial role in producing it.

In short, all these elements must be present in a corporate video because they will be decisive to achieve good results. Have you found these tips useful? If so, feel free to share this article. As always you already know that we are at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us to resolve any question or doubt you may have. Regards and until next time!

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