Things to do after publishing a Post to Increase Traffic by 100%

The biggest mistake bloggers do these days is, they focus more on content writing and they forget marketing it. According to some SEO experts, to succeed in content marketing 50% of your efforts should go on content creation and remaining 50 % of it should go for content marketing.  Nobody is going to notice your article if it doesn’t rank on the first page of Google.

Search engines consider over 200 ranking factors while ranking any websites, Content quality, User experience, Backlinks, and Social signals are considered to be a very important one.

Therefore if you have just published your blog article or created any new service or product page, Here are some important things you should do to increase Search engine exposure. This tips can help you get traffic not only by 100% if succeed on it can increase by 1000% as well!

Things to do after publishing an article to Rank #1 in Google

Ping the URL at Pingomatic: [Objective – Index]

The first thing to do immediately after publishing the article is to ping it at pinging sites such as pingomatic. It will help search engines to index your web URLs faster.

Answer on Quora:  [Objective – Traffic + Social Signals]

Quora is a fantastic platform to ask questions and provide quality answers. Find all relevant questions related to the blog or service on Quora and answer them. Add a link in the answer with right anchor text. Quora is not meant for SEO or Self Promotion of your blog, therefore, do not spam Quora with too many links with irrelevant content. Make sure you follow Quora answer Policies while writing answers.


Share it on Facebook: [Objective – Traffic + Social Signals]

Facebook is very popular social media, Try to leverage its benefits by sharing your content on it. On Facebook find relevant groups to share your articles. Eg: If you want to share an article which is related to House Shifting, Find relevant groups related to household or apartment living on Facebook and share a link with a catchy description. Share it on your profile can drive some instant traffic to the blog.


Tweet it [Objective – Social Signals + Crawl Rate]

Twitter has very high crawl rate. Don’t forget to tweet the URL on twitter as soon as you make it live. Use 3 relevant hashtags and nice image while tweeting.


Share it on Google plus [Objective – Social Signals]

Google plus has communities and Collections. It works similar to Facebook groups. Once you publish an article, find relevant communities on Google plus and share it. Do not spam.


Share it on Linked IN [Objective – Social Signals]

Linked IN has high Domain authority. Publish a Post on LinkedIn Pulse with a short description. Ask users follow the URL to read the complete article. Content should be value added.


Share it on Tumblr [Objective – Social Signals]

Tumblr has the option to share blog URLs. It has the Domain authority of 99. Sharing the link on Tumblr or it can also be used as microsites like


Save URL on Pinterest [Objective – Social Signals]

Pinterest works like a marketplace for websites, It helps to get some traffic and Social signals to your website if handled well.  Create a Pinterest board (Folder) and Add URL as a Pin (file). It will give a link back to service URL or article.


Submit a link to Reddit [Objective – Engagement]

Reddit gives back a do-follow link if the post gets good engagement. To post Url you have to find relevant Subreddit (AKA Group).


Bookmark it at – DA 82 [Objective – Backlink] is one of the popular high authority Bookmarking site. Saving URL at Folkd site would generate one do-follow backlink to your website. Bookmark article URL with Relevant Anchor Text


Post a Link on Youtube video:  [Objective – Backlink]

Youtube has very high Domain authority. Though it is no-follow backlink, it can help your website in many ways. Create a nice video on your article subject and publish on youtube adding a link.


Locanto [Objective – Backlink]

Locanto is one of the popular free listing sites in India. Post an ad on Locanto website. Add a relevant link to get a backlink. Locanto backlinks are best suited for local business. May not be feasible for blogs.


 Bookmark it at StumbleUpon [Objective – Backlink]

Bookmark the article URL at StumbleUpon to get a quick backlink from it. If the quality of the article is good, you can get instant traffic to your site which increases website engagement.


WordPress, Blogger, Medium, and [Objective – Backlink]

Write Quick articles of about 400 words and publish on free microsites word press,, Blogger, Medium Use only one URL with good anchor text.


Save image on Behance to get a link [Objective – Backlink]

You can get a high DA do follow backlink from Behance. All you need to do is, design an image or infographic related to your article, upload it on Behance by adding relevant description and link to the article.


I am sure these activities will help you boost your SEO rankings, Keep an eye on On Page SEO factors and Quality of the Content to achieve greater results.

Please note, these platforms are not meant for SEO or Link building purposes, follow guidelines of each platform and use the platforms accordingly. Do Not Spam.


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