Shared Vs Cloud Hosting – Best Guide for Newbies

Shared Vs Cloud Hosting: In order to have a live website, you need to have a good hosting. But choosing hosting for your business is a bit difficult. Web hosting is a complex thing and for beginners, it’s a rocket science. So if you are confused and you are worried about hosting, you don’t have to worry as here in this article you will read each and everything about hosting.

Since now a days shared and cloud hosting are getting a lot of exposure, here is the complete comparison on shared and cloud hosting. At the time of making a choise you must make sure that ach hosting have its own importance and you will have to choose hosting as per the need.

Shared Vs Cloud Hosting

What is shared hosting?

This is one of most cheapest hosting available today. You can easily get this hosting at just around $1.99 per month.

In case of shared hosting, one single server is divided into multiple websites and all the websites share the resources of same server. From CPU tp bandwidth everything gets shared. When a person make account on shared hosting plan, the system automatically allocate the resources of the server to that website.

The biggest advantage of this hosting is that its very cheap and the biggest disadvantage is that since all the resources of the server are shared by the websites hosted on it, if any one or two website eats up more resources, your website will face a huge loss in performance.

What is cloud hosting?

This is one of the most latest technology in terms of hosting. Cloud hosting is developed by connecting multiple servers and making a giant server and then this giant server is devided into multiple websites. This system of hosting allows easy and unlimited expansion for sites that have heavy traffic. Cloud hosting also offers good amount of security and reliability.

The biggest benefit of cloud hosting is that, the data is kept mirrored on other servers too and in thus in case of any failure, your website wont go down instead it will be fetched from other servers. Another benefit of cloud hosting is that your website never face any issues with performance as you have huge amount of resources available.

Shared Vs Cloud Hosting – Which one should you choose?

When it comes to making a choice among shared and cloud hosting, the better option would be choose cloud hosting as it can handle huge traffic, its highly secure and reliable. However, cloud hosting is a bit higher than shared hosting but you will never regret spending money over cloud hosting. In cloud hosting too you get a cPanel which will help you in managing your website wth ease. Cloud hosting also provide you a free CDN as it has got servers located on different locations available. Fastcomet provides the best quality cloud hosting along with superb performance, you can read fastcomet hosting review in order to know more.

If you have a website that doesn’t need much traffic, you can go for shared hosting but if your website is getting a good amount of traffic, you should better go for cloud hosting.

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