Prevention Tips To Save Your Computer

Are you a student, and your father has bought a new computer for your studies? Definitely, you are over the moon. But still, you will have the concern about your desktop computer security. Are you worried about losing valuable files and data to viruses, trojans and computer worms? Then do not worry. You have come to the right place. In this article of malware attacks and prevention tips to save your computer.


  1. Prevention Against Malware Attacks

To stay safe and secure, you need to exercise precaution. Yes, your computer may have the best online security program or antivirus software, but please read below for prevention tips to save your computer from malware attacks.


Spam Filter

If you have subscribed to many educational websites, then chances are fifty percent of the emails you get are spam. And beware! Some may even contain the virus and malicious attachments. Many trouble-mongers deliver malware to computers via email. So, how to prevent them? You need to ensure that the emails which come to your inbox are safe to the dot.

So, what is the next step? You cannot put an advertisement in Google, to the persons in the globe, please do not send spam emails to my inbox (Oh! You can do this, can you?). So, you can never control the emails coming to your inbox. Many companies send notifications to your mail. Email campaigns, you see! So, you are going to get trash in your email. The person at the other end, wants you to click the attachment and get himself/herself lucky.


So, what does a phishing email contain?

This type of email will resemble the official email of a brand. It will contain a link to a fake website that will resemble a brand. You will enter your confidential details, and voila, your hard pocket earned money goes for a toss.

Yes, email service providers such as Outlook and Gmail have put up the best security measures, but still, the phishing guys will find a way to get beyond the security line. So employ a spam filter to help block the messages. And never try to open the attachments from unrecognized emails or companies.


  1. Encrypted Mail

Do you use Gmail or Outlook? Or any other service provider? Yes, they have their two-factor security codes. But in these times of spammers and hackers, this is not enough. There are times, that you get adverts in your email based on your contents in the inbox. Now, only some email service providers have this option. So, how to get the best prevention tips to save your computer? Start using encrypted mail. You can find many encrypted email providers and they can offer various levels of security. Try checking their merits and demerits. And ensure you use the right password to decrypt the messages. Check for ProtonMail, Disroot, and other service providers.


  1. Browsers

Do you want to stay safe from ransomware, malware and other dangers on the internet? Then use the browser which gets regular updates. For example, you can use Mozilla browser because it gets constantly updated.

You can also install the add-ons but after doing a complete check. And ensure you use the add-ons only for special purposes. Let their use be limited.


  1. Guess And Check Any New Links

At one point in time, the internet was safe. The conmen then entered the ring and you had pop-ups, adverts, and every dirt in the kitty. In short, in recent times, the internet is not safe, at least for a student. So, you need to install the link checking tools. To be honest, only less than twenty percent install a link checking tool. You can also find these tools as browser extensions.


  1. Check Links

Once upon a time, the web was more or less safe. Sure, there were scam websites, malware-loaded adverts, dangerous popups, and insecure browsers, but…

Okay, fair point: the web has almost never been safe. Which is why link checking tools are so vital. It is a source of constant amazement that so few people take the time to install a link checking tool. Many security suites include these, and they’re even available as browser extensions. Some of the link checker tools are

  • AVG Threatlabs
  • Kaspersky VirusDesk
  • ScanURL
  • PhishTank
  • Google Transparency Report


  1. ProxyServer or VPN

Do you want to search the internet, but do not want your footprints? So, use a VPN or virtual private network. With VPN, you can access any website and conduct sensitive research. If you want to send anonymous messages, it is possible. Do you want the best names in VPN? They are HotSpot, CyberGhost, Shield, and ExpressVPN.


  1. Security Programs

There are many who think if they have an internet software, their job is done. Far from over. Antivirus is the first line of security against malware. But you have to follow the best prevention tips to save your computer from malware attacks.



You may employ the best practices. Do you stay in Pune? Sometimes, the computer gets infected with the virus. Are you in a similar situation? Then you do not have to worry. Just check if you have the best home maintenance company in your town and search for the best expert for computer repair in Pune as per the budget. The advantage – you can schedule the repair as per your convenience. The problem will get fixed in quick time.

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