Importance of CCTV or Surveillance Camera at home

CCTV refers to Closed Circuit Television and it has become popular by its short name CCTV. CCTVs plays an important role in security. Now-w-days we find CCTVs everywhere in all kind of shops, malls, theaters, hospitals, jewellery shops, schools, colleges, apartments, roads, at signals, hotels, day care centers, banks,  libraries and even at homes. Security of people and valuable things has become more important now-a-days.

We cannot believe on anybody not even friends, relatives. We should be in our safety; we should not depend on anybody regarding our security, our family’s security and also regarding security of our things. If CCTV in a building or place means there is a virtual watchman at that place. CCTV tracks each and every movement of everybody and everything falling under its coverage.

Many people will be having valuable things at home like huge amount of money, jewelleries, TV, electronic devices, some important documents; some personal things so on and so forth. Security of such things is very important as nobody wants lose their hard earned money. Not only valuable things at home but also the security or safety of people at home is also very much important. Security of children, women, and old age members is also important for us.


Now-a-days we hear so many cases of robbery, kidnaps, and murders, world has become very cruel. We should be very careful and there should not be any excuses regarding our security. Installing CCTV at home helps us in many ways. We can install CC TV at gates of the house, at doors, in all rooms and even in backyards of the house to keep track of activities happening behind us. It helps us to avoid crimes and robberies to a very good extent.


CC TV at home acts as a security guard at home. We can find out if there are any mischief is happening at home. One more important thing is we can keep track of people coming to our house when only kids or grandparents will be there at home. We have heard lot many cases of robberies and mischief things happening but if CCTV at home means we can avoid these for some extent. Even we can help police if we have CC TV at home.

CC TV keeps an eye on our house and protects us from this cruel world for some extent. It is much needed to have this at home now-a-days.

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