SEO on Youtube | How to Rank Youtube Videos Step by Step

If you have been with your blog for a while and you have visits but they are not enough, you need to increase the visibility through the video. How to position a video on YouTube to gain subscribers and increase visibility, bring visitors to the blog or encourage personal branding, is what we will see today. Despite the fact that youtube is a way with more and more competition, positioning a video through this channel sometimes (depending on the keyword) is easier to position than if you write an article. In this article, We will explain you on How to Rank Youtbue videos.

If you use seo you should know that SEO on YouTube is very important and that a video is positioned more or less quickly depends on it.The seo that is used for youtube videos is very similar to the one used for seo in texts, in both cases you need to make a good seo on page and a seo off page to position a video as we are going to see, there are no magic formulas but with a good configuration and optimization it is relatively easy to position a video.
To make Seo on youtube, you need to include keywords in the fields offered by this video platform and it is essential for the positioning that the channel (as if it were a text) be careful, this will be the best way to your video ends up positioning faster.You must also take into account all the options that youtube offers and configure the channel and each video you upload in the best way possible so that the video appears in the top positions of google.

You also need external signals that show Google that your video has interaction and that the user likes to go up in the ranking.Google needs a lot of signals, every little bit of information that will help you position yourself, that’s why your YouTube channel has to be well structured and organized, it is best to learn how to create a YouTube channel and upload videos quickly and then worry about positioning The videos.
It is essential that you take care of every detail if you want to make a good seo on YouTube and that your videos are the most watched if you think about it, it makes sense, imagine a physical clothing store for example, the logical thing is that if we want the customer to buy, the shop window must be ordered and the clothes inside must be distributed by sections and with the prices marked so that people do not go out the door and end up buying right? The same thing happens on YouTube.

Your YouTube channel has to be perfectly ordered with a header image, links to social networks, associated with your website and grouping your videos by thematic folders, this will help the SEO on YouTube, get in the user’s skin and you will quickly see what he needs .

That is why it is so important that you know how to create a well-configured YouTube channel, since it will greatly help with the positioning of your videos. Once everything is ready, you will see how to position a video on YouTube with some key Seo steps that really work.Trick? No, you know that I do not like tricks but if things are well done, I will never get tired of telling you that every detail counts and Google takes note.We will see how to apply seo on youtube to position your videos.

How to do SEO for videos on YouTube or how to improve the Google positioning of your channel

The growth in YouTube is slow, the YouTube algorithm (just like with Google) you have to earn it and you have to know from the beginning that the results will see you in the long term, you need to start having an authority to value you.

As you know YouTube is owned by Google, therefore a video with a good positioning on YouTube will have more value also in Google (the button of direct access to videos in the search engine proves it

If you allow me a tip, do not wait to have the perfect microphone, make the best recordings and have the best miniature for your video, that’s the ideal and that is what I intend you to get when reading this article, but like everything, you need a practice and with time you will be creating better videos and you will be doing a better Seo on Youtube.

That is why I advise you to start creating videos now, because you will be losing a very valuable growth time, you could be receiving visits to your channel and your website and missing out on your SEO strategy going faster.

I’ve been creating videos for a while and I’ve had the channel a bit messy until recently, most of my videos on You Tube do not have miniatures, nor have I had play lists, nor a good audio so far and that subtracts points, even so I’ve positioned videos following some minimal guidelines as you will see.

If your channel is well structured, the growth and positioning of your videos will be better and faster.Always think about what the user needs, meeting their needs will be the first step for a video to work, have a large number of visits, shared and minutes of viewing; The next factor and technique Seo, will be to give a push to be positioned.You will see step by step how to position a video on You Tube and why it is so important that your channel is well optimized.

How to do Seo on Youtube by using keywords

A study of keywords will be the first step you have to take to make the positioning of the video faster.The first thing to do is to see what keywords or keywords are the ones that the YouTube user uses in google.Many people use the youtube search engine to search for videos, but many other users take into account search engine positioning and use google.If you really want to see how people search for a video that you want to upload, you should use seo keyword tools for both sites, both the most searched terms on youtube and Google.

The recommended and so I explain in the video above is that in a txt document, you are noting the different keywords you get with the different tools and then insert them in the title fields and the description on YouTube.

Tools like Answer the public, the own tool of Google ad-words (keyword planner) or platforms of searches of key words that offer specific keywords of Youtube like hyper suggest or keyword, are some of the options to do seo in Youtube.

You should not forget about the data offered by Google, think that a lot of people look for the videos through their search engines and these keywords must also be inside the fields to be filled out.

The Google search engine or the YouTube tool itself offers autocomplete words that are keywords that the user uses when searching for a video that resolves their doubt.If you manage to position a post on the first page of google and also a video, the possibilities of expanding visits to your blog and your channel are immense.

Seo aspects to consider before uploading the video to Youtube

Before uploading a video to youtube there are specific aspects of the video that affect SEO, whether directly or indirectly everything adds up and has to meet certain requirements so that the user feels comfortable when viewing a video and Google sees quality in it.

Video quality

The video that you upload to YouTube has to have visual quality, in the same way that the images uploaded to google have their importance and it is necessary that they have quality and that they can be seen clearly, in the video the same thing happens, a video in hd not only will the user like it, but also google

It is important that you upload videos to YouTube in HD (1080px x 720px), if the resolution is 1920px wide, much better.

In the same way that you can edit the properties of a jpeg image by assigning it a title and an alt attribute, the video file must also be configured and it is recommended that before uploading it to youtube, fill in the fields offered by the file with all the possible information.


Worry that the video has a good audio, I have some video with bad sound, do not stop editing videos because you do not have a mic or your computer does not have sound quality but try as soon as possible quality is optimal because a bad sound can make the bounce rate increase.


Use a good tool to record the screen and edit the video and upload it with the appropriate dimensions for youtube.

When you are recording it, do not forget to mention the keyword several times, youtube hears everything you say; Although normally the keywords in a video usually come out naturally, it does not hurt that you consider it.

file name

The name of the video already created, must have a name related to the theme of the video and, if possible, include the main keyword, do not upload a file called abaxznyz145.mp4 for example.


As much as possible try to create a cover image for the video you upload, this will attract attention and you can increase the ctr

Design a model that meets the following.

  • The thumbnail must have a resolution of 1280 x 720 (with a minimum width of 640 pixels).
  • This must meet the image formats: JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG.
  • You have to respect the size limit of 2 MB.
  • If possible, use an image of 16: 9, is the most used in players and previews of YouTube.

Video length

There is no proven duration that is the best, if a video is seen until the end and lasts more than an hour because it is the best thing that can happen to you but it is not easy to keep the user that long without going to another related video .

A video that lasts about 10 minutes, can be a good average but as I say it depends on what you need to record.

In my case and based on my experience, the long videos have worked for me and I think google values them better. But there is no point in lengthening the videos without a reason, if you are going to explain how to install a WordPress plugin, it is unnecessary to extend it too much .

If it is important that you try to capture the user’s attention, the first 15 seconds of the video are vital, try to explain quickly what the video is about so that the user gets hooked.

Guide to position a video in Youtube

If you already have your YouTube channel well ordered and prepared with all the custom settings fields, it’s time to use all your efforts to try to upload the video you upload to the first YouTube results and to get the highest possible ones in Google’s snake

To achieve this, once you upload the video you will find the following fields where you will have to use the terms previously obtained in the keyword Research to apply that seo on youtube.

Lets go see it:


  • The title is one of the main factors to position the video, in this field you must:
  • Include the main keyword obtained previously, as much to the left as possible.
  • It must be short (less than 10 words)
  • Include a capital letter or numbers to attract attention.
  • Use words to invite the click as: “tips”, “mistakes”, “how


The description is the field where you will have to include the rest of the keywords obtained in the keyword research.It is true that many people do not read it but Google and YouTube if they do.

  • You must create a text density according to the number of words obtained, 250 is a good minimum of words but it depends on the theme.
  • Include the main keyword in the first 25 words and do not abuse, enter it 3 or 4 times at the maximum to avoid over-optimization.
  • The first two sentences will be those that will appear when the user sees your video in the search results, try to synthesize the theme of the video in those lines.
  • It is not about creating an immense text since it is not proven to be transcendent in the face of SEO on YouTube, but if the theme of the video allows to obtain key, relevant, semantic and long tail terms adaptable to the text, make it more extensive and include them .
  • Do not leave this field never blank or limit yourself to putting links to your social profiles for example, you must include a text that helps the user to understand what the video is about.
  • Include a link to your site in the first paragraph because in this way you will have possibilities if the user liked the video go to your post to read it without having to open the tab to read more.

Tags or tags

Unlike the importance of WordPress tags, in Youtube the tags are important, they are used to show related videos in the right part of the Desktop and they are essential to position a video on YouTube.

The tags or tags in addition to helping to position your video on YouTube, will also make it appear in the section of related videos in the sidebar thus increasing the chances of you being seen.

YouTube has long since disabled the ability to publicly see the tags of other people’s videos to avoid bad practices, but this is not a problem since you can see through code by inspecting the html elements with the right mouse button the labels you use a video of the competition.

The best thing is that you avoid having to look at the code and install the Chrome vidQL extension, this extension not only shows you data about the visits or average duration of the video, it also gives you a seo appraisal and most importantly, it automatically shows you the tags who uses the video of the competition.

You just have to copy them in the tag field of your video, in doing so you will see how the SEO score that the extension shows increases.It also includes as tags some of the keywords that you have obtained after carrying out the keyword research.


Use the previously created thumbnail with the dimensions and characteristics that I have explained to you at the beginning of the post and use it for your video since it will increase the probability that a user clicks and google will value that created custom image.

So far the seo that is used for the video fields, now you just have to publish it or upload it in private to make some adjustments that will increase the positioning before making it visible.

In this screen you also have two other windows to configure how are the translations and advanced settings, this we can do once we upload the video.

How to apply Seo to the youtube video once uploaded

Once the video has been uploaded, it is only necessary to pay attention to a series of options that will increase its value.

To do this click on edit video and you have to pay attention to the following personalized options such as:

Information and configuration

  • Basic information: Modify or add content to previously created fields (title, description, labels and thumbnail)
  • Translations: Creating subtitles in the video helps seo on youtube, it is a heavy task but if you have time use this option.
  • Advanced configuration: comment control, license, assign a category to the video, choose a location, select the language, recording date (recommendable a week or so before), all these fields are data that should be filled out.

Improvements and audio:

To improve the video in image and sound.

Final screen and annotations

Interesting option since you can include a photo of the subscription at the end of the video, as well as insert a video or a playlist in order that the user does not leave your channel and see another video.


Insert a card inside the video that has information signal allows you to click during the video to access another video of yours.


Add subtitles or modify the wrong Spanish translations done automatically.


In addition to these sections, it is important:

Understand that the uploaded video should be included in a created playlist, in this way the video will be sorted and classified by subject, and this helps in the face of SEO and the user has better access.

This playlist also has to have its own title and description using a keyword study in the same way we use it for a video, this factor drives seo even more on youtube.

Try to respond to comments, a video with comments invites whoever sees you leave yours, it is very important to see movement not only for the user, also for google, always try to encourage the user to leave a comment, share the video or make a like.

How to promote a youtube video so that it can be positioned quickly

The best thing you can see in google in a video to be able to value it is interaction, for it you must do that in the same way that techniques are used to promote a blog, try that a video reaches the largest number of people and that the answer is favorable , this increases the seo, for this:

  • Index the YouTube video, for this once published go to submit.url of google search console and have it indexed as soon as possible.
  • Promote, make the video share on social networks, on your subscriber list and google see interaction, you have to do everything possible to increase visits on YouTube, if you have the possibility to ask your blog subscribers who also subscribe to your YouTube channel do it.
  • It encourages comments and answers to comments whenever you can, and especially the evaluations obtained during the first 24 hours.
  • Try that the user who sees the video subscribe, Google values ​​very positively that a user subscribes after watching a video, ask, you do not lose anything.
  • The add button to (located next to the options of sharing on social networks) is also another factor that positions, if someone decides to mark one of the options (see the video later, add it among your videos) google values ​​it.
  • If you have your blog includes the video within the post where the information fits perfectly with the subject you speak, you can insert the url or embed the video with which you can adjust it in size or insert a display
  • Use the news aggregators: publish your videos to broadcast them on platforms such as meneame or or, in addition to promoting your articles, you also have the option to insert videos.


Positioning a video on YouTube does not have tricks, it is that you like the user, you have to create videos that retain the visitor the longer the better, the rest of factors consist of a good configuration of the channel and a good study of keywords.

Make a quality video, get the user does not leave fast, publish videos regularly, keep your videos organized and make a seo in quality youtube, you will see how little by little the progressive growth of your channel occurs.

And remember, as I always recommend with the old posts, analyze the videos with you tube analytics, see which are missing a push to appear in the first results and give them a spin, sure that in your day you uploaded some video that is missing something seo or add a thumbnail for example, improve it.

And do not forget the regularity, upload videos every so often so that you like Google.

If the post has helped you, I ask you to leave me a comment, to share it and if you subscribe to the channel you will help me to continue creating an article like this and uploading videos

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