How to link WhatsApp with Mac and Windows

WhatsApp is an application which can be available for all kind smartphones which allow the user to send pictures, audio, video, files and voice message by using the internet data plans on your mobile or by using Wi-Fi, Whatsapp uses an internet connection between the phones. WhatsApp application is a texting service between the smart phone’s devices as a replacement for the normal SMS text messages.

The service is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android Nokia and so on. The major difference between the normal SMS and the WhatsApp is that the regular SMS text needs an SMS plan and therefore the WhatsApp need a data plan.

The WhatsApp service has a lot of features which includes sharing of location, voice message, audio calls, video calls and so on with low usage of data. Everyone is addicts to this application and the WhatsApp replaced the traditional text message and this app occupies 70 percent of the world.

WhatsApp is the famous messaging service which is ruling the heart of over 740 million of monthly active users which it does not needs any introduction. Daily, more than 40 billion messages are sent worldwide by using this application.

Therefore the WhatsApp application is one of the most popular chat apps among the other applications released its official web version currently and is now getting a mixed response from the majority. WhatsApp is the king of fast messaging, who throws out the need to pay for each text message that you send, is now determining to gain something from this latest web version.

WhatsApp web is simply a continuation of your mobile phone and the web browser mirrors chats and the messages from your mobile phone device, this means all of your chat messages will still live on your mobile phone. And, now it is informed around the world with its desktop new client service.


What is WhatsApp Web service?

The WhatsApp Web and the Desktop Applications are updated to bring the support for sharing the documents. Just tap the paperclip icon in the WhatsApp chat screen and choose the document which you want to send.

WhatsApp Web initially mirrors the chats from your phone to your browser to PC like Google Chrome, Firefox and the Opera and makes it simple for the users to continue their conversion when they are using their computers or laptops.

WhatsApp Web does not work until your smartphone has the WhatsApp installed and it has internet connectivity on your mobile phone. To say it is very simply and clearly, WhatsApp Web makes your WhatsApp conversation ready for use on the bigger monitor, hence still needs the smartphone to be currently connected to the internet connection. The chat messages will still be stored on your mobile phone as you continue your conversation with the Web client. Also, as it runs within the browser, compatibility with the various systems and the hardware is not a problem.

WhatsApp Web is also not a standalone app and you cannot build a new WhatsApp account to using it. The exclusive purpose of bringing the WhatsApp Web is to address the problem of limiting the consumers to the smaller mobile screen when they are sitting next to their computers or laptops with a larger screen and a loyal physical keyboard. This will defiantly cool down some of the frustrated consumers which, for this reason, have changed to other cross-platform messaging applications which are ready for the desktops as well.


How to Use the WhatsApp Web app:

Yes, now WhatsApp is available on the web as well. There is no need to download any applications for the desktops or expand to start by using the WhatsApp Web application. All that you need to do is just to open the following link in the Firefox, Opera Chrome or any other browser and scan the QR code using the option which is present in the WhatsApp application in your mobile phone. Now you can connect to more than one computer as well and this is user-friendly manner.


For window User:

For Windows Phone Users, On the Main WhatsApp of the screen, tap on the three dots at the bottom right of the screen and tap on the WhatsApp web. Then scan the QR code which is given on your phone and use the WhatsApp in the system or laptops.


Staying Safe – Be cautious and Disconnect from the Unknown Devices:

The latest WhatsApp Web can be utilized by the others to secretly follow you. So, be sure that you only hand over your mobile phone to somebody you have a deep trust. In case the person can scan the WhatsApp Web code by using your mobile phone, then he or she will be able to use all your chat history without your knowledge.

For your safety, WhatsApp shows a determined notification on the mobile phone when there is an active state in the WhatsApp Web session. The notification which reads the WhatsApp Web is presently active state and it cannot be turned off without the knowledge. Be quick to react if you see the notification on your phone when you are not using the WhatsApp Web application.

In case you have doubt that somebody else is using your WhatsApp account, you should disconnect all connected devices by using this procedure:

  • Just Open the WhatsApp application in your phone.
  • Open the latest WhatsApp Web option from your mobile phone.
  • And just tap on Log out from all the computers.

Therefore this will disconnect all the connected sessions and nobody will be able to use your WhatsApp Web account without scanning the code for the further times.



The only main advantage of using the WhatsApp Web is that you have a bigger keyboard and screen for typing and a bigger display for a better experience of chatting with others. If you are a really a chat addict then you might prefer a faster typing than the normal one which is very limited in a smartphone touch screen keypad and this will help.

The WhatsApp web mirrors the conversation from the mobile phone device. You can view the live chat on the desktop which is going on mobile or vice-versa with it.

Therefore Secured connection is also one of the benefits. The user can login on the desktop version by scanning the QR code with your phone and there is no username or password which can be hacked by others.

No double usage of data and memory. When you download any image on the mobile phone application, then it will not get automatically downloaded on the desktop or vice-versa. Therefore these are some of the advantages of WhatsApp web version.

In conclusion:

It was a previously possible method to use the WhatsApp on the desktop, through third-party applications. But those were really just exclusive ways of covering up the latest web version of the WhatsApp application so that it could run as an application on a computer or laptops.

With this promising latest feature, one can see all the conversation and the messages on the desktop or laptops which were going on the Android, BlackBerry, Nokia or the Windows Phone by using Google chrome browser or any other browser.

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