How to play safe building backlinks. The ultimate guide for bulding backlinks

Digital marketing is incomplete with link building and we have a lot of pioneers teaching and claiming that backlinks work like a charm and the more you have it, the better you rank the keywords. Let’s bust some myths today and understand how can we leverage the best of link building and when I say link building we are talking about the paid link buildings here.

Well for all those who are scared to take that leap of faith this is not the article, but I can promise you that the strategies I mention here are experimented, tested and proven to work. Yes, this is a gray hat approach that is safe.

Like I have mentioned before about the importance of backlink profile for your website, you might be wondering why haven’t I said about the Google updates with the fancy animal names. Yes, I am talking about Google Panda and Penguin updates that penalized millions of websites for paid and unnatural link building.


So how do you play safe building backlinks?

Never use cheap backlinks to boost your site this is one of the most overrated SEO statements. If you pull all the backlinks to your primary money site, yes you will get penalized.

Solution? Yes, there are a lot of them. Here we are going to use web 2.0 link building method.

How to use Web 2.0 as a bait and rank keywords

Well, we both know cheap backlink link gigs from fiver and GSA links will do home to your website. Well not for a website you don’t care.


Things to do

Make an inventory of web 2.0 properties you would like to focus on. These are sites like, Sites.Google,,, Tumblr, Quora,,,, or perhaps a part of the Wikia network.

Start making sites on these properties, usually carefully. Your goal with popular web 2.0 link building is to make natural-looking links, not links in bulk. Ten tight quality sites are higher than one,000 spam sites. This is often why automating this method is harder than ever these days.

Populate your sites with some quantity of relevant content. This content shouldn’t be scrapped or taken, and ideally, it shouldn’t be spun. Write it yourself or rent an author from an area like author Access or Up work. Certify all of this content is said to your primary site’s content, however, isn’t directly denotive or derived. You’re craving for content that forms a natural link to your main website.

You’re craving for 3-4 posts per website, with a random assortment of images/videos/media on every. They shouldn’t appear as if copies of 1 another, so that they shouldn’t cowl same topics and that they shouldn’t have similar themes or layouts. The variation is vital, as a result of this all has to look organic.

Over the course of a month or 2, publish posts to every of your websites that embrace links to your main site. You’ll still maintain these smaller sites. Otherwise, you will pass them off as abandoned and specialize in your primary website.

The ideal results of this method are making many backlinks inform to your website. These links come back from blogs that look a lot of or less natural however aren’t active. The links, being relevant in a topic and returning from sites that aren’t clearly spam, can offer some minor price to you. They aren’t attending to skyrocket you to the highest of the search rankings. However, they’re a low-risk manner of boosting your ranking to a minor degree.


The downside, of course, is Google algorithms like Panda and Hummingbird. These have created it more durable than ever to rank with web 2.0 link building, as a result of they, raise the bar on what’s necessary to create a valuable link. They additionally add therein potential penalty; what happens once Google catches you within the act and flags all of your net web 2.0 websites? Your main site can lose their price and should be hit with a manual action regarding links, till you take away or deny them.

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