Different LinkedIn Ad Types to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is one of the popular Social media which is known for Professional Networking. There are Different LinkedIn Ad Types we can run on LinkedIn to increase awareness and sales for a Brand.  Choose the right one and create ads depending on your requirements.

Here are different LinkedIn Ad Types 

1. Impression Ads:

Impression Ads are ideal for brand awareness. Text ads and Image ads which you create through Google display network and LinkedIn ads manager will be shown to the targetted LinkedIn users on their timeline. Placements of display ads on LinkedIn is pretty bad hence it is not that effective.

2. Click Ads:

Click ads in LinkedIn work similar to display ads, but in click ads, the objective of the ad creation would be generating more clicks which take users to the landing page. Cost per click for LinkedIn ads are pretty high as the quality of the audience is pretty good and customizable.


3. Boost Post:

Boosting posts on LinkedIn is another way to reach out to the relevant targetted audience. It helps to reach the brand followers and the people who are in connection with them. Create a good blog post which has lead collection form in it for the better results. Creative and engaging content would grab the attention of many.


4. Lead Generation Forms:

I am yet to explore this mode of ads. I will update once I experiment. Meanwhile, you can learn more about Lead Generation Forms here.


5. Linked Premium Account:

The best way to generate more B2B leads on Linkedin is to buy a Premium LinkedIn account where you can write personalized messages (inMails) to anybody even without adding them.  Chances of conversions are more as you would be sending customized messages to each user.


One of the great features of LinkedIn is, you can target your audience based on multiple factors such as the company they work, designation, Geography etc.  There is one month free trial period available to try LinkedIn Premium Account.

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