Common Investment Mistakes Digital Marketers Do in Internet Marketing

Digital marketing is one thing which provokes us to experiment many things. If we get to know about making money out of several channels such as blogging, affiliate marketing, content marketing etc., the hurry to achieve leads us to make mistakes by investing money in wrong things.

Just out of curiosity the question “Which is worst investment you’ve ever made in Internet marketing?”  Was asked in one of the popular digital marketing forums (hell Bound Bloggers) on Facebook.

Expertise bloggers from the forum shared their experiences on losing their money on many wrong things.

Read this article to know the mistakes they made while they were learning about Digital marketing! I am sure this would help you not to make the same mistakes!

Here are some of the popular investment mistakes Digital Marketers do while they are blogging

Buying useless domains (while on offer) and never use them: 

Buying a domain and not using it! Keep them idle for a year and leave it when you get an email for domain renewal. We always buy a domain which looks very good, we feel like making one more brand out of that domain hence we buy them without thinking much. We keep on adding more domains to the portfolio, after some point of time, we get no time to work on them.

According to the recent research report, professional bloggers own at least 6 domains. And they keep 4 of them idle.

The lesson from this point here is, Buy a domain only if you get time to work on it. Else you will regret buying it J

Buying Bulk Backlinks from Fiverr: 

I am sure this is one more mistake many digital marketers do. When we get to know the importance of backlinks, we tend to build them quickly and buy them in bulk to get instant results. Later we realize it would add no value. Hence the entire investment $$ you make on them will directly reach recycle bin.


Buying Domain Auction Account:

Many digital Marketers wants to make money from Domain auction business. Sometimes it gains huge profit too. But the problem with many people is, they buy domain auction account and keep it idle till it gets expired.

Buying Premium themes and Plugins:

Premium themes are plugins are always tempting! We feel like buying every time we see it. Careful while buying them. Research and experiment with free tools before you buy the premium tools.

Buying wrong hosting:

This is one of the common mistakes digital marketers do. They simply buy a hosting plan which looks fancy! Do not go with offers or fancy affiliate marketer’s advice. Go based on previous customer’s advice! Always buy a trusted hosting services.

The list goes on if keep writing about it. Have you made any other mistakes?
Feel free to share in comments, I would update them. Don’t forget to share this with your blogger friends.

Hope I could help you not to make these mistakes! Special thanks to HBB Team 🙂


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