What is the best Bluetooth speaker for shower and for a car?

Sure we agree that the best way to take a shower and driving is accompanied by the best music. Both things are possible if we decide to buy the best Bluetooth speakers. We imagine ourselves taking a relaxing shower with the best background music or listening to our favorite songs while driving, and we can also take calls in hands-free with this fabulous equipment.


Wirezoll one of the best Bluetooth speakers for shower

When you decide to buy a Bluetooth speaker online to use in the shower, the most important thing is that it is resistant to splashes, as you will surely put it on a bathroom surface. This model seems appropriate because it stands out for its magnificent valuations in Amazon and being an unrecognized brand its price is quite economical. If you are looking for a Bluetooth shower speaker, this alternative offers a battery of up to 12 hours of playback, a function to answer phone calls, a connection distance of up to 20 meters and is also super resistant to falls.


TaoTronics sets your moment of relaxation with a Bluetooth shower speaker

When choosing Bluetooth speaker for a shower, devices that attach to walls or flat surfaces with a suction cup are highly valued, as this model does. It has a battery life of 5 to 6 hours of playback, more than enough time to take a relaxing shower. It is a very light device that also has buttons at the top to adjust the volume of the music.


Dland a cheap car Bluetooth speaker but with good features

While this is an example of how you can use the Bluetooth speakers used, it is a cheap model with Bluetooth version 4.0 compatible with smartphones and tablets that will allow you to be connected in hands-free when you are driving. It is a Bluetooth car speaker that is activated as soon as you start the vehicle and that allows you to simultaneously connect up to two computers.


Philips SB300B / 00 get a multipurpose Philips Bluetooth speaker

The uses of this Philips Bluetooth speaker are so many that it could very well work as a car Bluetooth speaker, for outdoor or sites with water. If you decide to use it in the car you can answer calls with its hands-free function, it offers good resistance to possible impacts on the outside, but it is also waterproof if you want to use it in a pool or while taking a shower. We like it because it is a Bluetooth speaker with lights, with 4W sound power and battery life of up to 8 hours.

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How to choose Bluetooth speakers?

So far we have presented you with multiple models, all very different and versatile. It is natural that at this point you are wondering how to choose Bluetooth speakers. To help you, we summarize below the aspects that you should keep in mind and that you should not overlook when buying Bluetooth speakers whatever the brand.

Types of uses Bluetooth speaker: It is not the same to choose a big Bluetooth speaker, whose sound power could even help you set a party, a Bluetooth car speaker with significantly less power and which is ideal for answering calls or listening to music in a small space.

Bluetooth speaker reviews: One of the advantages of buying Bluetooth speakers online or at Amazon is that you can see the ratings of other users and that is very appropriate before investing in one, so we can assess their best features and learn about the main opportunities for team improvement.

Versions of Bluetooth: As soon as the Bluetooth version is better, the connection will be more suitable. Most of the equipment that we have presented you have Bluetooth 3.0, which works quite well, and there are some with Bluetooth 4.0 that is wonderful.

Autonomy of the battery: The least we want to buy Bluetooth speakers is to run out of battery and the fun is over when everything was at its best. That is why the autonomy of the battery is so important. If it offers you at least 5 hours of playback, you could use your Bluetooth speaker for enough time to entertain you.

Sound quality: the best Bluetooth speakers with fairly large power and enviable sound quality, with precise treble and bass. But if your intention is to play music from your smartphone with a mini Bluetooth speaker, you should know that the power of the equipment will not be so high. Everything depends on the model you choose.

Design and weight:  Manufacturers have taken pains to create extensive catalogs of devices to enjoy music wherever you are. It is easy to find a Bluetooth speaker with radio, with Wi-Fi___33, small, large, of different colors, with more innovative designs and even with vintage lines. This aspect is totally a personal decision, but we assure you that with such spectacular models it will not be easy.

The resistance of the Bluetooth speaker. Related to the previous point is also the resistance of the equipment. There are some models of waterproof Bluetooth speakers, others even submersible and others whose exterior protects them from dust or falls.

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