Best Free PC Antivirus Software For Windows

Let it be Windows or Linux, your computer will require an antivirus program to eliminate malware attacks. The reason, your computer should remain in top working condition and yes, the device acts as a storehouse for your confidential personal information. There are free antivirus websites you can install in your computer or laptop to ward off the outside attacks. But even paid versions to have more beneficial features. With paid versions of antivirus software, you can protect children or teenagers visiting unwanted websites, manage the best security options on mobile devices, get regular updates etc. But yes, you know best. The reason, your requirements may not need a paid version. Right? In this article, we focus on the best free pc antivirus software suites for windows.


Yes, you may have a smart home, but the maintenance of security lies in your hands. Read this article to get the best free pc antivirus software suites for your home.


Best Free PC Antivirus Software


Congratulations! You have come to the right place. We have searched the entire internet and the most available antivirus programs based on their various features. Yes, we mean the easy use, system impact, malware prevention and more. As of now today, as per many computer experts, Kaspersky Antivirus is climbing to the top position. When it comes to offering the best protection against malware, Bitdefender Free Edition also takes the top slot. The reason why Kaspersky is more preferred is that of its scheduling as well quick scan option.


Please note, that both the programs (Bitdefender and Kaspersky can offer only the basics).


  • Kaspersky

You get the basic protection against common viruses and other threats. But it is enough for preventing your data to get converted to infected files. And, you do not have to update the recent version. It gets updated automatically. Once run, the Kaspersky antivirus does a quick scan. But it does not have a password manager, firewall or hardened browser. The free software works on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 versions.


  • BitDefender

Do you have a spare computer at home which your family seniors use to check emails? Then go fo the BitDefender free version. You can download, install and run it. Then just forget. This security program takes care of itself, and do not need monitoring. But you do not have the scheduling or quick scan options. This antivirus software works well with Windows 7 throughout Windows 10. It can collect info about the operations of your system, but you can put a stop. The advantage – Bitdefender continuously scans. It also scans attachments on email and wards off phishing emails.


  • Avast Anti Virus

The advantages – it has a hardened browser, password manager and network scanner. You can customize it as per your requirements. But, its run can put an impact on the performance of your PC. This antivirus suite works with every version of Windows. You can make an add-on on browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. So, you cannot venture into unwanted pages. And the most important part, the emails get scanned for dangerous software.

The biggest disadvantage is that it can collect and sell the search history to third parties. Yes, you get shown the ads for the Avast products. It takes too long a time to complete the scan.


  • Windows Defender

If you have a Windows 10 OS and 8.1, then Windows Defender is in-built. Windows Defender offers one of the most preventive actions against malware, spyware, and viruses across the web, cloud and even apps. Since its release to the market, this program has improved immensely and can kill malware.  If you want to remove it, then you have to opt for installation of some other software. In every other free antivirus programs, you will always get notifications for a paid version. But in Windows Defender, you do not get any. But if you want a file shredder, password manager and VPN service, then opt for other free software programs. It can do its work while you can concentrate on other activities on the computer.

It is not easy to manage the Windows Defender. In recent times, it can hold its own against ransomware, malware and other malicious information. Yes, you can vouch for sure, that no data can get stolen from your computer.


  • AVG Antivirus

It is a file shredder no doubt, but it can offer only fifty percent of malware protection. But you can customize the program as per the requirements. It can work well with Windows XP till Windows 10. Some of the protective features are blocking of dangerous websites and scanning of the virus. You have the performance optimizer to get the most out of your system. Similar to other software, it begins with traditional scanning, by comparing the contents and files against malware signatures.


  • Avira Antivirus

Advantages – add-ons, customization options, and firewall manager. The advantages are a firewall manager. With the browser extension, this program can rate websites and prevents unwanted extensions. It has numerous features, but they are just the door for paid versions. But yes, it has got good customization options.



So have you read the best free PC antivirus software suites for windows in this article? Well, they have got the best features against simple invasions. But if you are running a business, then you need to go for the paid versions. Or, there may be a situation when malware can get into your system and steal data. Okay, let us take a case study. Are you an entrepreneur in Hyderabad who has a start-up with few employees? Is your laptop affected with malware? Then you have to contact a software security consultant at the earliest. So, for the best easy method to hire a computer repair expert, you can download the bro4u app and place a request for the professional who does the best computer repair in Hyderabad. He will come to your office on the scheduled time and fix the problem.

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